Customer Reviews

Let's start with M13... who the heck actually goes by a name like "M13"? Only a one of a kind character. If you have not watched any of M13's YouTube videos then you should know he will gladly express his opinions but is also open and considerate of others. He has experienced a lot and has studied psychology. M13 will not treat you as a customer but as a potential friend. He has a vast insight and countless stories not only on places and things in Taiwan but the Taiwanese culture in general. Expect to feel like you are not following a tour guide but riding with a group of acquaintances. Which gets us to the topic of acquaintances. On my tour not a single person (total of 8) knew each other before the tour. We had 3 people from the USA (each from different states), 1 from Australia, 1 from Singapore, 1 from Ireland, 1 from the UK, and 1 from Russia. Putting the location of Taiwan aside, this combination of individuals is destine to create an interesting and unique experience. We all had one thing in common - we watch M13's YouTube videos. You will most likely make a few friendships that will last a long time even if you live on different continents. This is a good thing, because you will be sharing rooms most of the time. Accommodations were a concern of mine, but one that turned out to be false. Most of the places are bed & breakfast style, USA equivalent between 3 to 4.5 stars. All of them clean. Some of them very nice or in amazing locations. Taiwan is a hidden gem. In the USA most people recognize Taiwan as the place where electronics are made. This paints a picture of factories and poverty. If these places exist... you do not visit them. I'm not sure if I saw a factory over the 12 days I was there. M13 packs each day with a variety of activities - most of which you will not find in the book of tourism. I recommend not asking where you are headed next, just let everything be a surprise. For those in the USA, I would compare Taiwan to Hawaii with less tourism and obviously differences in culture. The scenery is breathtaking. The experience was very surreal at times. You will ride scooters from place to place and hotel to hotel. I recommend learning to ride before the tour. If you are in the USA take the motorcycle course and then go rent one and practice. The traffic in Taiwan will seem chaotic at first but then somewhat brilliant at how well it works. You will ride around 1000 miles on some of the best roads in the world. The value in this tour is astounding. Follow M13's recommendations, he has been doing this for many years. I recommend going 1-2 days before to help adjust to the timezone and staying 2 days extra to explore more.
Andrew E
Having never travelled outside of Europe or on a plane for that matter, arriving in Taiwan was quite surreal. I was the youngest in the group at 18 and had no previous experience riding scooters or motorcycles. However, this wasnt an issue as riding is fairly easy to pickup and M does a great job of looking after everybody in the group, especially the weaker riders. The value for money you get with M13's tour is phenomenal, the standard of hotels and restaurants is very high and exceeded my expectations. The tour also offers plenty of amazing activites and sights into a culture that many people haven't yet experienced. As for M13, he's a very interesting and funny character with a darker humour than most. He makes for an excellent guide with many stories and insights, whilst providing great care to his customers. M's tour has convinced me to revisit Taiwan again, this July. Visited July 2014
Luke S
Let me start by saying that conveying my thoughts and feelings about this adventure into words isn't possible. It is way better than i can describe, you'd need Charles Dickens to write a proper review. First you got M13 which alone is a trip. You cant categorize this guy with anyone else you've ever met. He has crazy stories like an old war vet, but makes jokes like teenage boy. He has almost no filter, so it doesn't feel like you're being led by some professional tour guide but rather by a bro. His personality works perfect with the environment that Taiwan brings. So Taiwan itself is such a perfect blend of many things. Don't think of it as a single destination, think of it as another world. When you combine the greatness of M13 with the greatness that Taiwan is and throw in a handful of dudes from around the world with some scooters you have a recipe for the best adventure ever. Just don't be a little wimp and do it.
Alex M
Looking back at the two weeks I spent in Taiwan, I don't know where else I can travel where I will have more fun or have more memories from. This is a truely amazing trip that has to be experienced. I had 2 years of scooter experience before i came, but even if you have no experience, worry not. M13 is an excellent teacher and there is usually other very experienced riders on the trip to guide you. We had 2 riders on our trip with no/very little experience and M13 took very good care of them and adjusts the riding to their level. We rode around 1500 km split over 10 days with no accidents and we were 7 people in total. My trip was in September/October and the weather was perfect the whole time, with temperatures at around 25-30 celcius. The value for money you get is amazing. Hotels were much better than expected and are close to the activities the town/cities offers. Everyday is packed with activities, you will be driving on beatifull mountain, coastal and country roads with very high quality standards and stopping at tempels, small mountain towns, monuments, lookoutpoints along the road. Did snorkeling for the first time in my life, saw monkies during a hike and 100s of bats in a cave. We were 7 people on our tour, 1 from Norway, 2 from the US, 2 from Mexico, 1 from Trinidad&Tobago and M13 from Canada. Except from watching M13s YouTube videos and talking to everyone over the a chat group, I knew none. But I made friends instantly and have gained some lifelong friends which I'm gonna go visit in the future. So this isn't some trip with some strangers, this is an adventure with your new friends. As for M13, great guy with intelligence and humor. Provides excellent care for his customers with his knowledge of the country, riding and the many stories he tells. This tour has really shown me a country I didn't know much about, and it is a truly amazing, beautiful and very safe country to visit. Would I recommend this tour to others? Yes Would I do this tour again? Yes, I'm actually doing this tour again this September and I'm sure it will meet my expectations from last time. Will probably also visit Taiwan later again thanks to M13.
Espen Andreas
I myself never have been in Asia and this tour have been probably the best thing ever happened to me,if you want to see the real Taiwan you won't be mistaken to take M13's tour. The tour includes everything you just have to come and enjoy the awesomeness of Taiwan and M13 as your tour guide. Visited July 2014
Max Budnikov
After 36 hours after landing I knew I would come back multiple times. I knew coming in that it would be a huge culture shift from what I was use to. Everything I encountered was a refreshing change from the "American Dream" I was brought up on. Universally people were welcoming and excited that I was in their country to see anything and everything. Not knowing what I was going to get when I gave my money to a moto vlogger who was going to take myself and 6 others on a tour of a country I only knew from seeing "manufactured in taiwan" on the lable. After landing and the quick trip too my hotel, all hotel's, 3 meals a day, and transportation to each destination are included in the price , I knew this was a well thought out and planed experience. The day before the tour was (I arrived sooner than most) mostly walking around and getting over jet lag. If you walked into a bar or restaurant close to the hotel you would be able to order food or drinks easily because more often than not if you spoke English you could get your request fulfill. Once the tour began it was a wonder of new experiences that words will not begin to explain. I rode a scooter almost a 1000 miles in ten days seeing temples and then going to beautiful beaches and everything in between. Even if you have never rode a motorcycle in any fashion but can ride on two wheels this is a wonderful trip that at the end you will wish you would have gone sooner. I have gone twice once in 2012 and once in 2013. And I will be back. M introduced me to a world I have never seen and I can't get enough.
Daniel Sye
If you're reading this review, chances are that you're thinking of going on M13's heres the short review - book a place right now and do whatever it takes to get yourself to Taiwan you won't regret it. M13's tour was the first time I'd been to Taiwan (July '13) and its probably the best introduction to the country you could ask for. M13 is a great guide having built several years experience of running his tours I can only imagine they're getting better every year. Overall the tour is great value and no fuss being all inclusive you just show up and everything else is taken care of by M. The rides everyday are pretty epic and varied, through busy cities, up winding mountain roads and down the sunny coast to Kenting for example. It can be challenging at times but it only adds to the fun, I wouldn't worry too much about not having a lot of previous experience before, as one guy on the tour I was on, handled everything just fine and improved so much as well. You get to see, do and eat a whole lot of different things, this could be anything from visiting temples, snorkelling, walking around a national park and going to this weird museum, we also visited Taipei taking the high speed train where we visited the main attraction memorials and Taipei 101. In terms of the food you can try out the famous night markets, local food as well as your standard burger/pizza/pasta places along the way if thats what you really want. Another great part of the trip is that you'll probably meet all sorts of different people from all over the world. I really want to go back to Taiwan soon and if you go on this tour you'll probably want to go back as well.
David L
This was certainly one of the most enriching moments of my life. The sights, the sounds, the food…oh my god the food and the fascinating culture of the Taiwanese people, simply amazing.Negotiating the mad Taiwanese city traffic right through to the amazing mountains, coastlines and countryside and all it’s hidden treasures discovered on the journey. That in itself is just an additional adventure that was had. This is something you truly will not get from some bus tour and some happy snaps, and reading a book won’t even give you half the picture. Traveling via scooter is the only true way to see the places and meet the people of Taiwan, and I could think of no better person than M13 to lead such an adventure. Not to mention the diverse group of internationals that came on the tour as well (you guys rocked). The experiences I had in Taiwan will stick with me for life and I look forward to doing this again in future. Thanks again M see you next year.
Daniel (Captainspankmehard) Connolly
Taiwan was completely unlike any country I’ve ever been to before, it went from stunning scenery in the mountains, to the most amazing cities like Taipei and there is just great roads, people, food and sights in between! You may think you know what Taiwan is like from the looks of M13’s videos but your expectations will be completely blown away, I simply cannot overstate how friendly the people are and how great this tour is. Mordeth has done the impossible by touring so much of the island in such a short time, you can tell that he really cares about this tour and he really is a brilliant tour guide and a great guy. As a last point: Do it on a scooter, you may think that they’re uncool and that motorbikes are the way forward. Don’t be silly! Scooters are the blood of Taiwan and the best way to see the country, you’ll end up regretting seeing the place on anything else.
Simon Barlow
Hey, Just thought I would email to say thank you again for what was an amazing tour that I certainly won’t forget! Coming from a recommendation from Jason and not having seen many of your videos didn’t matter as i still thought you were a great tour guide and I would recommend your tour to anyone and everyone! I know he does not show it but I know Jason felt the same way. I guess it’s almost only just settling in now I’m back home but I do miss Taiwan already! All the best for the future and maybe see you next year.
Andy Biddle