I’ve lived in Taiwan for over 9 years and have never in my life traveled that far around the country. I was so surprised. I never knew Taiwan could look like that. It was beautiful.
Marty “MartinTheMad”
WELL if the others are going to give raving reviews, I guess I better do too. What can I say? Charlie Boorman eat your heart out. This trip was just incredible, it had EVERYTHING you’d want in a holiday. Every night I slept extremely well because the days were just so packed with activities. I saw jungles, swam in mountain rivers, spotted wild monkeys, saw decimated areas by the typhoon, almost died several times, saw M almost die several times, had my back cracked by a chi gong doctor (its now a lot lot better), saw the mountains break out of the clouds below me, dropped my bike in ankle deep mud, saw hot asians, rode a jet ski, scuba dived, saw sunsets with colours you wouldn’t think existed, ate interesting food and met interesting people. Taiwan kicks ass and if I can afford it I’m going back next year.
“The Brit”
M13’s Two Wheeled Adventure Tour is true adventure; I highly recommend it. Taiwan is a very beautiful island, and the roads are to die for (and maybe on). Prepare for some of the most exciting and challenging riding you can imagine. Mordeth is a great host and tour guide, and his familiarity with the roads, the people and their customs will enrich your experience on the trip. I knew after two days that I would want to go back again next year, and by the end of it I didn’t want to leave! I can’t wait until the next tour. This trip was truly incredible…thank you for making it happen!
Matthew Right